Do you want
to transform your life?

​Move through your life with aliveness, passion and meaning —


Common issues:
anxiety  depressed mood  feeling stuck
big life change  grief  panic attacks
relationships parenting getting older
caring for elders clear direction in life
procrastination low self-esteem
low energy  career challenges
life stresses social phobia

Adult individuals come to counseling with a wide range of concerns and issues. Some of these issues involve learning how to manage symptoms and stresses.Some people seek therapy to increase their understanding of themselves; To go deeper inside and find new meaning and inspiration in their lives. Sometimes this involves finding a life direction that they feel passionate about and other times it involves re-connecting with a passion from the past.

In counseling there are specific techniques that can help alleviate these conditions drastically so that the quality of your life can improve greatly. Grounded in mindfulness and the most cutting edge cognitive techniques out there. With sensitivity and empathy we help you challenge beliefs that hold you back from living your dream/potential – from flourishing. Inside of you you have a compass – Where you know what is healthy, good for you and what is not helpful. Helping you find the voice inside to make the best choices for yourself. We believe in an empowering point of view, helping you to have increased self-esteem and better relationships.

Contact Emily or Mitch, both see individuals for therapy.