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I am interested in helping people meet their goals quickly.  This can be short term work with a maximum benefit.  Learn how to stand on your own two feet and validate/accept yourself rather than look for it outside from others.  What is needed is a willingness to help yourself - usually by increasing understanding of patterns you “fall” into – or create from the past.  A change needs to be made in the cognitive network, the “how” we think about ourselves and our lives. Change cognitive networking and process emotional situations quickly, initiating a move into the present, and improve your ability to project a positive future. We will focus on the technology of relationship – Helping couples reduce conflict, manage emotions and anxiety and greatly improve passion, connection and intimacy. My couples counseling is based on the intention of helping partners stay together and find deep fulfillment and happiness together.  It is a “marriage friendly” couples therapy that works 
to help couples succeed in their marriage and also accepts
the couples' ultimate decision regarding the future of
their relationship. Emily specializes in an approach to couples counseling that is a synthesis of the leading experts in the field including:

1) Dr. John Gottman, PhD a pioneer clinician and researcher who with his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman has established a therapeutic technique based in his 40 years of couples research. This is a practical way to improve the quality of your time together now as a couple.

2) Dr. David Schnarch who is a pioneer in combining sex therapy and marriage counseling and originator of the Crucible Therapy . Emily has completed the Level 3 Training at the Gottman Institute for Couples Therapy. Emily has helped many couples reduce their escalation, conflict and emotional distance. The overwhelming majority of couples have gone on to have greatly improved satisfaction, increased intimacy and happiness together after therapy with her.




  1. Starting NOW and what this means.
  2. Simple Steps toward increased intimacy
  3. How to surf the waves of change and grow closer with your partner